Imagine an Internet that is infinitely better​ . . . 

Imagine an "Intelligent Virtual Internet" that learns about you. Understands you.  Gives you instant access to the knowledge of all of us about anything. Brings you what you want.  When you want it.

Meet Neura OS.™

The operating system for the Intelligent Virtual Internet™.

Today's "Internet" and "Internet of Things" connect only "devices with IP addresses." Today's "World Wide Web" connects only "files on devices that have IP addresses." Collectively we believe these current technologies connect less than 1% of our "Knowable Universe."

Neura is a smart "Virtual Internet" that connects all the parts of our knowable universe and that continuously learns about, understands, stores and makes accessible knowledge about:

 - Billions of "Things" that do not have IP addresses (such as you, me, companies, products, events, schools, restaurants, etc.),

 - Billions of "Content Elements" that do not have URLs (such as quotations, comments, ratings, reviews, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) and

 - Billions of "Interactions" we collectively do daily (such as remember, browse, view, read, share, learn about, ask, answer, connect, reserve, order, pay, etc.).

To learn more about how "Neura" and its suite of patent pending breakthrough  technologies that will transform how we use the Internet in the future, contact us at: