Imagine an Internet that is infinitely better​ . . . 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Imagine a "Virtual Internet" where we can connect with anything and everything important to us in real time  . . . people, places, companies, products, ideas, events . . . everything.  

And now Imagine that this new "Virtual Internet" is also a self-learning "Intelligent Internet," able to acquire, organize, store and make available to us our collective knowledge about billions or things in real time.

Welcome to IVI™, the "Intelligent Virtual Internet™" from Neura Labs.  

Alan Kay transformed our desktops with his radical concept about a virtual trashcan and other virtual objects.

IVI™ takes the concept of "virtual objects" even further by creating a way to virtually represent every "thing" in our knowable universe, which allows us to create, for the first time ever, a place where each of us can learn about, share and interact with any "thing" in real time.

IVI™ has 4 simple, safe, very smart components that will transform how we get what we want, do what went in our digital universe.

  • Neura AIR™ - is a breakthrough "Augmented Interactive Reality™ interface where we can simply touch any "thing" we can see or image using any of our Smart Devices, and in the blink of an eye, learn about it, share it and interact with it in an augmented reality overlay. (Up to 10X the possibilities for interacting compared to today's Safari and Chrome browsers)

  • Neuralinks™ - is a transformative secure multi-dimensional connection technology inspired by the human brain that can connect anything with anything in real time. (Up to 10X the connectivity compared to today's 'hyperlinks' and much safer.)

  • Neura SIMs™ - are a library of "Smart Interaction Modules™, an incredibly more efficient way to implement how we interact with things on the Internet.  SIMs™ crunch 100's of billions of lines of "sticks and stones" code in 1 billion Web and Mobile Apps down to 500 elegant, standardized, safe universal interaction modules.  For every active verb in the English language (Remember, Share, Comment, Learn about, Connect, Reserve, Pay, etc.) we will have a SIM™.  (Up to 100X savings in code compared to today's Web and Mobile Apps)

  • Neura OK™ - is a collective "Open Knowledge" cloud, an autonomous neural network that will continuously learn factual, relational, proximate and behavioral knowledge about billions of knowable "things." (Up to 10X the scope of Wikipedia)

More than 6 billion people in the world today use Smart Phone technologies we created.  Its time for today's inefficient "Smart Phones + Dumb Internet" to be replaced by an infinitely better "Smart Phones + Intelligent Internet" platform.

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